10..9..8..7! Why Bring in the New Year in New York

With no doubts whatsoever, Times Square in New York is one of the hottest and the most happening places to bring in the new year. The 108-year old tradition of watching the iconic ball drop is one of the major attractions of new year’s eve celebrations in this city. But this is not it! With so much more, welcome the new year when the clock strikes midnight among the dazzling lights and extreme energy New York has to offer. Following are some reasons why New Year’s Eve in New York should be a part of your bucket list. Read on…

Experience the Chills!

Amalgamation of New Year’s spirit and the chilly cold weather is truly incomparable. With biting cold winds, New York still manages to host a celebration which is vivid, vibrant and exclusive. You might just forget the bothering weather and dance your way through the night. Just be prepared and dress appropriately to enjoy a fun-time.


Let the Diversity Seep In!

Yes, you will be surrounded by a diverse group of people as the city becomes the perfect entertainer to more than one million people for the celebrations. People from all over the country and the world travel to New York City each year to experience the magnificence of the grand event.


Get Starstruck!

Being the centre of attention for New Year’s Eve, Times Square has an extravagant lineup of celebrities who perform for the audiences to pump up the excitement. This part of the celebrations makes the waiting hours in the cold weather much more bearable.


The ‘Not-to-miss’ Countdown!

Synonymous with 10..9..8..7..no new year’s celebration is complete without the goosebumps-inducing countdown. This curtain-raiser moment marks the end of 365 days of the previous year and excites us for the welcome of a new year. Times Square sets this mood just perfectly and lets you experience the joyful vibe with so many people around.


The Ball Drop Moment..Legendary!

You might have seen or heard about the ball drop moment at Times Square but watching it live is a sight to behold. The crystal ball shining brightly in the night’s sky is an unrivalled vision and shouldn’t be missed. The energy of the crowd rises with the countdown as the ball starts to drop and that surreal moment makes your visit worthwhile.


Did Someone Say After Party?

Well, FYI, New York is a city that never sleeps! And on the joyous occasion of new year’s eve, this stands true as the party does not end with the ball drop. Check out NYC’s finest clubs and hotspots to experience the actual flavours of an after party. Dancing, drinking, food and a lot more will keep your night young and exhilarating.


With so many reasons, we are sure, you would not want to miss the NYC style New Year celebrations. Add this to your bucket list and plan a holiday super soon! Have a healthy and a very happy New Year!