10 Amazing Road Trip Ideas for Long Weekend!

Following are some road trip ideas that you can use for your next journey. If you do not wish to take your car or you are looking for a more comfortable car for this long journey, you can always opt for outstation options available on the Ola mobile app, which will make your journey more enjoyable at reasonable rates. With spacious cars, a long journey is guaranteed to be cozy and convenient. Added bonus is that you can stop anywhere you wish to, take as many breaks as you like or take a reroute to explore more.

Manali to Leh

Roll down your windows to let that chilly breeze come in and let your eyes feast on the marvels of nature as you drive from Manali to Leh. With snow-clad mountains all around, this road trip is definitely worth taking.


Pamban Bridge

If you’re planning a trip to Rameshwaram, there’s no better way than by road. Driving down the Pamban Bridge, the crystal clear water is bound to mesmerize you. Do stop over for some pictures, but make sure the cold wind doesn’t blow you over!

Mangalore to Goa

When you’re traveling from Mangalore to Goa via Maravanthe by road, you are bound to cross a picturesque stretch of National Highway 17 that offers a clear water view on one side and tall palm trees on the other. This Ola Outstation drive would be marked as an unforgettable experience in your travel journal.



Shillong to Cherrapunjee

If you are looking for a serene and green drive, then this stretch of nature’s beauty from Shillong to Cherrapunjee must be on your list. And if it happens to rain a little, it’s simply your lucky day!

Leh to Srinagar

A drive down National Highway 1D, which connects Leh to Srinagar, is so breathtaking that your camera might not get a chance to rest. Deciding what to capture behind the lens and what to leave out could be quite tricky!

Mumbai-Pune Expressway

If you’re all about the city streets then enjoy a road trip from Mumbai to Pune and prepare yourself to be left gobsmacked with the Ola Outstation drive down this expressway. Plan a night trip and the experience something extremely delightful.



Vizag Beach Road

A drive along the beach is always as splendid as looking out the window while the breeze is blowing against your face. This 30 km stretch between Vizag and Kailashnagri is exactly what you need for an awesome road trip experience.


Road to Ooty

Looking for some twists and turns in the mountains? Then take a trip to Ooty by road via Valparai and get ready for a good adrenaline rush with your vehicle swishing left to right giving you one hell of a ride.


Gangtok to Nathula Pass

For exploring the east horizon by road, you just have to drive from Gangtok to Nathula to admire the beauty this land has to offer. Plan a trip to soak up all this and much more.

Chennai-Bangalore Expressway

We mostly travel between cities by air or train, but the expressway between Chennai and Bangalore is one that is worth exploring on a road trip. The journey is pretty short and sweet and will ensure that you have plenty to do along the way. For this stretch, you can opt for Ola Outstation for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.


This wonderful list of 10 road trip ideas should be able to make your long weekend more awesome and highly enjoyable. Happy Travels! 🙂