10 Reasons To Sell Your Car And Take a Cab

Long waits for the red light to turn green, standing in the parking queue for hours, paying hefty amounts to refill the tank – want to avoid all these troubles? The best way is to ditch your car and book cabs instead.

Here are 10 valid reasons why you should ride cabs

Utilise your time

Instead of wasting time driving, why not utilise it sitting comfortably in the back seat and completing your office work.


No parking hassles

No more fighting over parking space or worrying about the high parking rates.


No asking the paanwala for directions

New to the city? Don’t know the routes? You don’t have to worry about anything. Your cab driver is well-equipped with google maps and also familiar with the routes.


Stay Healthy

Driving long distances on a regular basis increases risk of many health issues. Back pain, headaches, cervical are some of the most common issues. Booking a cab enables you to relax and takes off unnecessary stress.

No drinking and driving

Going for a late night party? Plan to booze? Don’t worry, your chauffeur-driven car will be at your doorstep, to pick you up and drop you safely.


Intercity travel becomes easy

When travelling intercity, everyone lands up paying hefty amounts to the driver. Free yourself from all the worries and travel smart. Book an intercity ixigo cab and save a lot of money and energy.

No maintenance

Paying hefty sums for the maintenance of the vehicles is really painful. Save that money and make a habit of travelling by cabs.


Get rid of EMI

Free yourself from the pain of paying EMIs every month. Travel using cabs and use that money for something more productive.


Ride your favourite car

If you love riding different cars but can’t afford them all,  then why not book your favourite car from the ixigo app and enjoy a ride in a different car every time.

Adore the surroundings

While on a trip, don’t miss on the beautiful view of the surroundings because of driving and concentrating on the road.



You can save a lot of money by carpooling. This is a good practice for those who commute daily on the same routes.


Odd/Even formula

Leave everything aside, the odd/even formula has given you a very strong reason to leave your cars at home and start riding the cabs.


Hurray!! Here is the solution to all your problems

Ixigo has launched a new cab app, which enables you to compare prices of all the cab providers and choose the best deal. So no need to install multiple apps, just install one ixigo cab app.

Click here to download the app



Congrats you saved yourself a lot of time and energy. Enjoy the travel

About the Author –

Kanika Agarwal is an avid traveller and likes to express simply by words of her experience. She admires natural beauty and her dream is to explore the unexplored.