You’re Bound to Meet These 10 Types of People on a Flight!

Is there any better place than an aeroplane to come across different kinds of people? If you’re into observing human nature, then travelling in a flight gives you ample opportunities.

Yes, you’ll find entertaining folks. But you’ll also encounter passengers whose travel style will make you wish you had booked a 3AM flight where everyone’s asleep! 

Where do you think you fit in? 🤔 Find out below:

The Crying Kids

Yes, kids are innocent…but they’re not always cute! Once the flight takes off, these innocent imps can make passengers’ life a living hell with their screams and tears.

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The Toilet Goers

Some flyers seem to have a continuous bond with the toilets! Doesn’t matter if the seat-belts are ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, they can only be found hovering near the restrooms.

The First Timers

Have you ever sat next to a first-time flyer? If yes, you must be quite well-versed with their naive questions, or their nervous jitters during even a mild spell of turbulence!


The Bookworms

These are the quiet ones—throughout the journey, they remain glued to some book. And if they are finished with that mid-way, the safety manual seems to become a bestseller for them!


The Stinkers

Some have smelly socks, others may have a reeking armpit. There’s really nothing to do here but keep some nose clips ready!

The Selfie Obsessed

Whether getting coffee from the air-hostesses, in the toilet, near the cockpit or even getting on or off from the flight, they just can’t get by without taking selfies and annoying everybody around them!

The Sleeping Beauties (or Beasts!)

From take-off to landing, these people just want to peacefully finish their last night’s sleep. They are also quite humble—irrespective of whose shoulder it is, they will always take it as their own!


The Snorers

If you are a frequent flyer, you know that there are the sleepers, and then, there are the snorers. Needless to say, snorers are rarely disturbed by their own guttural rumbles. But they instantly become an unlucky point of focus for everyone else on the flight!

The Chatterboxes

The chatterboxes, or blabbers, are peculiar people, to say the least. They love to pass their time with a discussion on food, politics, and scandalous neighbours—all at a loud pitch!

The Foodies

These are the ones who actually like the food served on flights, and ask for extra servings. These are, usually, also the ones who are carrying bags and bags of chips, sodas, and candy with them.


What kind of flyer do you find most annoying or the most easy-going?