5 Cultural Festivals You Must Attend in May 2022

Travel, come what May! 😀

With summer at its peak and unbearable heat trying to bring us down, May is such a challenge for us travellers. The temperature may be high, but so should be your zeal for an adventure if you call yourself a travel buff. If you’re up for it, you can still have the best of this summer.

Are you planning to travel this May? Then, here are five popular festivals and sites you must visit. 

1. Nilgiri Summer Festival

Want to skip the scorching heat and spend your summer somewhere with temperatures as low as 14 degrees Celsius? Then, you must definitely attend the Nilgiri Summer Festival. Organised by the Nilgiri District Administration, attendees can enjoy the photography exhibition, boat race, and flower show here. In addition to all these, be ready to be wowed by the classical dance performances. The pleasant weather of Ooty is just like the icing on the cake during these festivities. 

When: Till 31st May
Where: Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud Summer Festival 2022

2. Yercaud Summer Festival

The cute little town of Yercaud is inviting you to be a part of its 45th edition of the Summer Festival. This is a must-attend for all nature lovers. Along with a flower show, this is your chance to learn about the various stages of the life cycle of silkworms, leading up to the beautiful silk sarees that we are so fond of. In case you didn’t know already, Yercaud is quite big on sericulture. Once done with the festival, you can hike down the valleys here and explore the town. 

When: Last week of May
Where: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

3. Overland Mustang – Tiji Festival Drive

Looking forward to some adventure this summer? Then, embark on a self-drive expedition from Delhi to Nepal. Attend the Tiji Festival in the rugged yet beautiful Mustang region, surrounded by Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains. This is your chance to experience Tibetan and Buddhist cultures by interacting with the locals, trying out traditional foods and revelling in the fun festivities. 

When: 19th May–2nd June
Where: Delhi–Nepal

4. Mount Abu Summer Festival

While the whole of Rajasthan is gorgeous, Mount Abu has its own charm. The Mount Abu Summer Festival is here to give you yet another reason to visit this quaint hill station. The city comes alive with festivities during this time. You can expect to enjoy events like horse racing, skating races, band shows, Panihari Matka races, etc. In the evenings, guests are captivated by heartfelt traditional music concerts, which conclude with fireworks illuminating the sky.

When: 13th–15th May
Where: Nakki Lake Chowk, Mount Abu

5. Char Dham Yatra

Home to the most revered Hindu pilgrimages nestled in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is rightly called Dev Bhoomi (the Land of Gods). Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are the four Char Dhams of the state. The yatra is a celebration of faith and culture, and it draws pilgrims from all over India and beyond. The portals of all these sacred sites are now open for devotees.

When: May–November
Where: Uttarakhand

So, where are you off to this May? We wish you a safe trip. Happy travelling! 😀

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