5 Famous Villages Where Iconic Bollywood Movies Were Shot

Always thought only international destinations could qualify to be preferred movie locations? Check out these 5 famous villages where iconic Bollywood movies were shot. After all, India has many beautiful places in store!


1. Ramanagaram- the “Sholay” village

Ramanagaram or the Silk City was brought to the Indian map, thanks to the epic movie, Sholay, which was entirely shot here. It sits pretty on the way from Bangalore to Coorg and as you drive past the route, you can see the huge, rocky mountains even from the highway.


Ramdevarabetta new
Ramangaram- photo by Shyamlal


Even though it is a bustling township nowadays, Ramanagaram was a small, quiet village back then and a walk through the streets here takes you back to the Sholay days. It became famous as Ramgarh after the movie and is known by its “reel name” till date.


2. Kanuria- Lagaan’s claim to fame

Remember the rustic village of Champaner where the iconic Lagaan movie was shot? Well, the village that was shown in the movie was Kanuria, a small village in Gujarat. With its dry and dusty landscape, Kanuria played the perfect host to our lovable Bhuvan and his teammates.


Photo of a village in Bhuj.


3. Courtallam- the Roja effect

Want to relive the magic of “dil hai chota sa” from the movie Roja? Take a trip to Courtallam, one of the famous cities in Tamil Nadu, which is referred to as “the spa of south India” as it is home to various gushing waterfalls including Peraruvi, Chitraruvi and Aintharuvi. Shown as Sundarapandiapuram in the movie, it was actually Courtallam which charmed the viewers with its picturesque beauty.


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Photo by File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske)


4. Pollachi- meet Billu here

A lovely village with an amazing backdrop, Budbuda was Billu’s native place in the movie. However, Budbuda is Pollachi in real life and it is about 40 km from Coimbatore. The small and serene Pollachi village is a must visit if you want that much needed break from the hustle bustle of city life.



Photo of Pollachi by Vijay S


5. Menavali Ghat- the Swades connect

Loved Charanpur where Shahrukh Khan came searching for his roots and his aunt? Want to visit the same village on your next trip? Well, the place is Menavali Ghat in Wai district of Maharashtra. Home to serene ghats and beautiful temples, this one is approximately 80 km from Pune.


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Photo by Lomita


A trip to these 5 famous villages where iconic Bollywood movies were shot is a must if you are an ardent Bollywood fan and want to take home some filmy memories!

About the author: Jigyasha loves to read and travel.