5 Innovative Ways Indian Railways Is Making Travel Safer And Better

Indian Railways has always worked on improving the infrastructure as well as travel experience in innovative ways. Additionally, the national transporter has been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. 

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Here are 5 ways Indian Railways is making travel safer, supporting the fight against COVID-19 and more!

Regular maintenance of tracks

Railways have been working throughout the lockdown to rebuild, renovate tracks that will improve the overall safety of the trains.

Cleanliness and beautification drive at stations! 

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Here are some pictures of Lucknow station:

Railway staff is ensuring constant disinfection of all commercial places as well as high touch surfaces.

Railways’ COVID care coaches are operational in various states and providing aid to governments in the fight against coronavirus. 

Indian Railways is always striving for energy conservation. 

A unique initiative has been taken at the Jabalpur station. 70% of the lights will be switched off automatically if there is no train on the platform. Only the required 30% of lights will remain on until the trains arrive. Ministry of Railways even tweeted about it. 


Railways have always embraced new methods that ensure safety, sustainability and pleasant travel experience.