5 Tips for Solo Travelling

Even before Instagram’s hashtag movement came into the picture, solo travelling was a liberating experience and it continues to be so. Sure, travelling with friends is super fun but going solo can be a life-changing adventure.

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Below are five tips that will surely help your solo vacay plans. 

    1. Plan in advance
    2. Make a budget 
    3. Stay in hostels
    4. Get out of your comfort zone
    5. Be vigilant

Plan in Advance

No matter how cool spontaneity sounds, when travelling solo, planning in advance is the way to go. The primary reason is that you’ll have no road trip backups or friends to rely on to manoeuvre some cool alternative when you’re by yourself. 

The second reason is that the sooner you book your tickets and accommodation, the more you’ll save. Being pocket-friendly never hurts, right? 

Make a Budget

Speaking of being pocket-friendly, budgeting is a skill that everyone must learn, especially on a solo vacation. To be clear, we don’t mean you plan each penny but rather make ballpark figures. 

For instance, you can start by setting expenditure limits for meals. You can also bring light snacks with you or buy some local ones every day, pack them and keep them handy in your backpack. 

If you find Mathematics overwhelming, technology will be your saviour. You can use one of the many apps available on the App Store and Play Store to ensure you don’t go over your budget. 

Stay in Hostels

You might be tempted to live life king/queen size on your vacay but shared accommodations will really help you. Not only will they be more economical, they will also help you make friends. 

If you’re going to a destination that is hilly, for example, carpooling with your newfound hostel friends will make your experience better. Plus, you’ll have someone to click candid pictures! 

At night, your hostel might organise a bonfire or play board games and that’s definitely better than watching television by yourself in a hotel room, isn’t it? 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is called so for obvious reasons – it’s comfortable as heck! But when you’re travelling solo, you can’t have the best experience by staying cocooned in it. 

Whatever your apprehensions are, a solo trip is the perfect opportunity to let go of them and be a little flexible. If anything, face them head-on! Don’t like making small talk? Initiate mundane conversations with people you meet and learn about them. Doing so will make your experience richer. 

You can go back to your comfort zone after your vacation but while on it, the more you step out of it, the better and more memorable your trip will be. 

Be Vigilant

This one is applicable to everyone who’s planning to take a solo trip, regardless of their gender. When by yourself, please be extra vigilant. Here are some tips: 

  • Avoid using noise-cancelling headphones/earphones when walking in deserted areas
  • Have a pepper spray with you handy
  • Avoid sharing personal details with any strangers
  • Be informed about the nearest police station and how to get there
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash and try to use online payment methods for your purchases
  • Keep a friend or a family member apprised of your whereabouts at all times

We hope you find these tips helpful for planning your solo vacation. 

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