6 reasons why entrepreneurs should train travel more often

Indian Railways were started by the British to maintain easy connectivity but little did they never know that one day it will serve a purpose of connecting entrepreneurs across the country. According to a survey, many of today’s famous entrepreneurs believe that travelling through train plays a major role in helping them become a successful entrepreneur.

From experiencing vivid cultures to learning communication skills, travelling in public transport always has profound effects on your life.

Enhances your communication skills

Long train journeys give you ample opportunities to interact with fellow travellers. When you interact with people with different cultural backgrounds, language can turn out to be a barrier, but eventually you find a way out. These experiences teach you how to communicate better and build a network with peers.

Help in building networks

Networking plays the key role for any business to grow. Travelling can be used as a networking tool by entrepreneurs. You can build relationships with people around the world and get recommendations, which can be very useful when starting a new venture.

Increases your ability to adapt

Just like any startup, travelling requires changing plans, finding deals and searching ways to adapt to new environments. From trains getting delayed to bags getting lost, the list of events that might happen on a journey goes on. These issues may seem irritating at that particular time but they are real-life teaching moments. Being an entrepreneur, you need to be flexible and adaptable to new conditions.

Saves your money

Using public transport to commute will help you save a good amount of money and will also benefit you in many other ways. As train journeys are usually long, they give you immense opportunities to interact with others. Travelling in railways has become much more convenient than the earlier days. You can also check your PNR status and see if your booking is confirmed or not.

Understanding the requirements

Understanding the real life usage of the product is among the most important steps. Getting an in-depth knowledge of what is needed and what will actually solve the problem, will help you build a great product. Interacting with people from all walks of life helps you fulfill the requirements of different sectors of the society without spending money on surveys.

Get the feedback of your product

Nothing can be better than getting the feedback directly from the horse’s mouth. If you have recently launched a new product and want to get the feedback of the product, the best way is to interact with the people and ask them about their likings or dislikings.

Today, there is a new term called ‘Travelling Entrepreneurs’, used for those who are nomadic, creative and location independent. They run their companies while travelling and have broken the stereotype of a standard office cubicle.