6 Reasons Why Train Travel Is The Best!

Travelling calls for a lot of fun, especially when one is planning to travel by train, be it alone or with family. Fun, conversations and many experiences–that’s what a train journey is usually about. By the end of the journey, you are left with memories and good times worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime.

Here are 6 reasons why train travel is the best:

Breathe in, breathe out

Unlike the Mumbai locals, where there’s no space to even stand properly, inter-city and state trains provide you with ample leg space. You can walk around and breathe fresh air. Most importantly, you don’t feel claustrophobic.



The air is different at every station

Be it a colourful lady thronging at the platforms of Rajasthan or the lungi-clad porters of Kerala, every station lets you witness a rich culture and heritage.



Beautiful landscapes along the way

Who would want to miss out on the beautiful landscapes, especially when one gets to travel along the waterfalls. Well, we are talking about the awestruck Dudhsagar Waterfalls the lucky ones pass by, when travelling to or from Goa.




Pseudo “Grub Fest”, not literally though

With the facility of ordering food online, eating in trains seems more like a food fest. You can order what not and get it delivered on your berth. And, how can we forget about the homemade food families share with each other? So much variety, you see! 😛



The Musical Chai

Happiness is the hawker’s familiar style of calling out “Chai”. It’s like meeting the love of your life (chai, in this case). Nod your head, if it has ever brought a smile to your face. There something peculiar about the tone that lets you recall only the train waali chai’.



 You add people to your friend list

When you have a long train journey, you can’t be just mute sitting right next to other passengers. A small talk does no harm and you never know, your acquaintance might become a friend for life.



If you know of other reasons, feel free to share with us.

Hope you had a happy read. 🙂

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