6 Souvenirs You Must Buy From Cambodia Before Heading Back

Cambodia, dotted with incredible heritage sites, an array of mesmerising landscapes, serene beaches, warm locals and experiences, never fail to cast a spell on its visitors. This ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ is no less than a heaven for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, adventure seekers and shopaholics.

If you are a traveller, who loves to collect souvenirs from around the world, Cambodia is the place for you. A glimpse of the country’s artistic past can be easily seen in its handicrafts and silverware.

Here is a list of 6 things you must add to your shopping cart —

1- Silverware

The country is a treasure trove when it comes to silver jewellery, boxes, plates and much more. Country’s dedicated silversmiths create antiques that are irresistible.

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2- Rice wine with snake inside

This super unique drink can only be found in Cambodia. It is produced by infusing a whole snake in locally- brewed rice wine. Also considered as a form of Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is a super-strong alcohol. And, it is certainly not for the light-hearted.

3- Kampot pepper

One of Cambodia’s premium products, Kampot Pepper is widely known for its intense flavour and aroma. It is grown in green, black, white and red varieties in Kampot province. Don’t forget to take one packet home 🙂

4- Cambodian silk scarf

Known for its purity and soft feel, Cambodians’ golden silk scarf is famous across the globe. Those interested in understanding the process, can visit the Artisan Angkor Silk Farm on the Siem Reap.

5- Rice Paper Printing Work

If interested in some fancy decor for your home, don’t forget to buy these beautiful rice paper prints from Cambodia. They are cheap, lightweight and amazing products for gifting purpose.

6- Betel Nut Boxes

Other than being beautiful decoration items, Betel Nut Boxes are used as a status symbol in all of Cambodia. Locals believe that ‘Bigger the box, bigger the status’. These boxes are mostly handmade because of the complicated and craftsmanship traditional skill required.

Don’t miss out on any of these things or you will regret it later!!