7 Traditional Food Items to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Along with wearing masks, using hand sanitiser and washing your hands for 20 seconds, there is another key precaution we must take to protect against the coronavirus: boosting our immunity. Luckily, there are a variety of traditional foods in our kitchen that act as natural antibiotics.

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Add these 7 food items in your diet to keep your immune system strong and healthy:

1. Honey

Our go-to for a sore throat, honey has amazing antibacterial properties. One of the main antibiotic ingredients in honey is peroxide which helps fight many kinds of bacteria.

2. Ginger

Ginger is an all-purpose natural antibiotic and is used from treating cold and flu to helping fight nausea. Adding a small amount of this superfood to your tea or curries is highly recommended.

3. Turmeric

Adding turmeric to your diet is an age-old, tried-and-tested recipe for boosting the immune system. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and its multiple benefits can be availed by adding to curries or simply to a glass of milk.

4. Coconut Oil

Start your day with 1-2 spoons of coconut oil. It helps in digestion and reduces inflammation. Along with that, coconut oil has antibiotic properties that can attack a variety of bacteria and viruses.

5. Basil

Popularly known as ‘The Queen of Herbs’, basil is essential in your diet for respiratory wellness. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are highly beneficial for respiratory conditions arising out of seasonal changes.

6. Garlic

Here is one more reason to love garlic bread: garlic has great curative and preventative properties and is super effective in fighting all sorts of bacteria, viruses and infections.

7. Vitamin C

Add fruits like oranges, gooseberry (amla) and pineapples to your diet as they are rich in Vitamin C, a great immunity booster. The juice from these fruits is also good for your health.

If included as a regular part of your diet, these natural, traditional antibiotic foods will give you better all-round health. Share this story with your loved ones and help them stay fit and healthy!