7 Travel Hacks You Must Know

Ever since the third wave died down, there has been a significant travel spike in the country. Even the scorching summer heat does not seem to bother us. Revenge travel has really become a thing this year, and we are all for it. 😛

Are you heading out of town soon? Then, here are seven travel hacks that you must know. 

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Book as early as possible

Flight tickets usually tend to get more expensive closer to the departure date. So, the best thing to do is book as soon as possible. Set an alert for the cheapest tickets in advance. If you are unsure about your travel plans, opt for ixigo assured, which offers full refunds on cancellations. 

Go to an off-season destination

The summer heat in India has us all in a bind. Most of us are planning an escape to cool hill stations up north or to some beach destination, which can be a little more expensive. How about exploring the south this time of year? Travel to offbeat destinations like Ooty, Valparai and Coonoor. You can also explore these retreats and have just as great a vacay as in the mainstream destinations.

Fly on weekdays

While a weekend trip is something we all love, flying on one can stretch your budget. The rule of thumb is to book a weekday flight. Yes, you would have to be somewhat flexible with your schedule for this, especially since everyone is planning a vacation right now. If your workplace allows work-from-home, do take advantage of it and fly in the middle of the week. 

Travel light

Plan your outfits in advance to avoid carrying overweight luggage. Put together a new outfit by styling the same clothes in different ways. To save space, always roll and layer your clothes. Also, instead of large bottles, bring mini bottles/testers of your makeup and skincare products. 

Summer travel essentials

Pack your summer essentials

Do leave some room in your bag for the essentials to survive the heat and also help you in times of need. You can, for example, use aloe to soothe a blistering sunburn, baby powder to brush sand off your body, and dryer sheets to keep your clothes fresh. Carry a water bottle that you can refill at a nearby restaurant/café.

Mark your luggage as “Fragile”

Tag your luggage as “Fragile” even if it isn’t, to breeze out of the airport once you land. Bags marked as Fragile are loaded later and are the first ones to come out of the baggage claim carousel. With this little hack, you’ll be in a cab heading to your accommodation while everyone else waits around for their luggage.

Carry your ID card

If you are a university student or have recently graduated, bring your ID card with you on the trip. It can help you get discounted or free entry into museums and historical places. You can save a few bucks here and there by carrying the tiny ID card. This is why a little research about your destination is a must. 

So, when are you travelling to next? We hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. 😀

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