8 Funny Station Names That Will Make You Go LOL!

Haven’t had a hearty laugh since long? We bring to you a list of railway stations with funny names that will surely tickle your funny bone and make you go LOL! (Literally) 😀


Tung Tung Baje…Tung Tung Baje, besides a song that starts with Tung, there’s a station in West Bengal that has the same name too! How does the Tung Railway Station sound? Ting, Tong, Tung! 😀



The name of the next Bollywood release should be “From Chinchpokli to China”. Wondering where you’ll find this Chinchpokli Station? Well, Amchi Mumbai it is. 🙂


Kala Bakra

Don’t be shocked; yes, you heard that right! Kala Bakra is the name of a station in Jalandhar.

Tenu Kala Chasma, oops Tenu Kala Bakra Jachda Hai…

Kala Bakra

Singapore Road

No, No, No, Singapore Road is not in Singapore, but in Orissa.

Why travel by air to Singapore, when you can visit this place by train (not literally though). 😉


Lotte Golla Halli

If “Lotte Golla Halli” sounds more like an abuse in Bengal, then you are all wrong!

Visit Bangalore and this hilariously-named station.



Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, this is just one name, that too without any # (hahaha)

The station is in Andhra Pradesh.


Divine Nagar

If you want to attain divinity, come to Divine Nagar in Kerala.


Hope you aren’t rolling on the floor laughing already. We will come back with more, till then keep laughing!