A quick chat with Shamshad Hussain

Shamshad Hussain, son of M.F. Hussain is an Indian painter who is known for his talent of painting people with a controlled palette. Winner of Lalit Kala Academy’s National award, 1983, Shamshad answers some of our quick questions.



Latest holiday



I went to London in May last year to meet some British artists who’ve been my friend for many years. I get nostalgic whenever I meet them. My association with London is very old; I have been going here for decades now. In fact, I left India when I was very young.


London Tower Bridge (Photo by @Doug88888)



Excellent meal



I had a meal of my life time in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. I relished some mouth-watering kathi roll in a rather simple restaurant there.



Recent buy



I hate shopping. My sisters and daughters got me some shirts and T-shirts during my recent visit to London, and picked up some trousers for me from Dubai.



Getting adventurous



I’m not a very adventurous person, so, I’ve not tried any adventure activities.



Listening to



I generally do not listen to music.



Reading these days



Currently, I’m not reading anything.



Moment of peace



Two places where I really enjoy and am at peace with myself are Mexico and Egypt because I think these two places have so much to offer in terms of art to the world.


Mohammed Ali Mosque, Egypt (Photo by archer10 (Dennis)



My mantra



I listen to everyone and do not argue if I don’t like your viewpoint. And if you like something, keep it to yourself. Everybody should be in peace and learn to accept the other person.



Thats a cool tip!