Unusual Valentine Traditions from around the World

Isn’t Valentine’s Day always the same? Roses, candy hearts, and chocolates?

If you are out of inspiring ideas, maybe you can glance around this wide, wonderful world you live in, and pluck off a few for your Valentine.

The Philippines – Love that TAKES the plunge!

Now this country likes to put their own spin on everything! So, every year thousands of couples exchange their vows en masse to kick off Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, these weddings are sponsored by the government as a form of public service!


Bulgaria – Celebrates Love and Wine

Two celebrations coincide in Bulgaria on February 14th – one is, of course, Valentine’s Day and the other is St.Trifon Zarezan Day, which is the national feast of wine and vine. This coincidence is too good to be true, because what’s better than wine when raising a toast to love.


South Korea – A Whole Year of Love!

The Koreans do it differently; they celebrate love on every 14th of every month. Yes, that’s right! Major celebrations happen on 14th February, when women shower men with gifts and the men return the favour on 14th March. The singletons also get a day – 14th April, also known as Black Day. On this day, they wear dark colours, eat black noodles (Jajangmyeon) and commiserate with other singletons.


Wales – Give Love and some Lovespoons!

The Welsh celebrate Valentine’s Day on January 25th, St. Dwynwen’s Day. A nation of passionate romantics, the Welsh give their loved ones intricately-carved ‘wooden lovespoons’ to express their adoration.


Argentina – Kisses and Sweet Treats!

Argentines celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th and keep aside an entire week in July as ‘Sweetness Week’. During the week, they ‘exchange kisses for sweets’. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? Would you believe this tradition started as a marketing campaign for a confectionery brand?


Do you have an unusual tradition of your own? Let us know in the comments!