Biggest Air Travel secrets: Uncovered!

1) What nationalities are air-born babies?

Unlike the common belief that air- borne babies take on the nationality of their parents, it actually depends on the ‘Convention on the reduction of Statelessness’ agreement which states that the child will be a national of the place where the airplane is registered.

If not a part of the agreement, the child will take on the nationality of whichever country’s airspace the flight was in at the time of birth, provided this specific country allows, ofcourse!

If neither of these things work out, it is only then that the child takes on the nationality of one of the parents.


2) Why does Airplane food taste bad?

You might’ve heard Gordon Ramsay say on multiple occasions that he hates plane food and would never ever eat it. Having worked in the airplane food industry for over 10 years, he’s familiar with the inside secrets of the production process and therefore we understand. But why do you hate it?

It’s because our taste buds go nuts at higher altitudes. The low humidity dries out our nasal passages and the air pressure makes them almost numb, killing our taste senses. This is precisely also the reason why airplane food tends to be a lot more saltier and spicier than usual.


3) That tiny hole in the lower section of windows

The first time you discovered that little hole, did you look around in haste to confirm if other windows had it too? Don’t worry, it’s actually keeping you safe.

Cruising at the height of 35,000 feet can leave some people really nauseous and short of breath. What this little friend does is to keep the air pressure and oxygen levels inside and outside balanced even at higher altitudes, making your journey comfortable.