A trip to Goa and Ajanta- Ellora


Compared to its size, Goa’s heritage value is herculean. Fort Aguada is a case in point. The ancestral Goa Museum, situated in a small village called Loutolim, recreate Goan rural life as it was hundred years ago.


I am a passionate traveler and I have had the opportunity of travelling all over the world. I have visited many fascinating destinations and have come to conclude that there is no other place where you can have the kind of experience that you get in India. India being a country of multiple diversities, is a small world in itself – encompassing almost all the aspects that comprise a civilization  It is an amalgamation of various religions, ethnicities, cultures, languages, food habits… each fascinating in its own right.


Goa tourism- Its history, heritage and Charm


My vacation in Goa is indeed a memorable one. Goa, a former Portuguese outpost, is home to rich architectural and cultural heritage. The climate is good and the people are warm and friendly. And that comes coupled with scenic beaches, historical churches, mansions and exotic handicrafts.


Palolem Beach (Photo by Dominik Hundhammer)

Goa, with its 100 km-long coastline along the Arabian Sea, has a host of exotic beaches. Aptly put, Goa helps me unwind, rejuvenate and refresh. I don’t remember anything having a more calming effect on me than the walk I took on the Palolem beach in South Goa when the sun was about to set and the landscape was idyllic. North Goa’s Mandrem beach, largely an isolated one, too serves as a perfect soul-stirring hideaway.


Compared to its size, Goa’s heritage value is herculean. Fort Aguada is a case in point. The ancestral Goa museum, situated in a small village called Loutolim, recreates Goan rural life as it was a 100 years ago.


Ford Aguada (Photo by Mahesh Telkar)


Things to do in Goa


When it comes to fun and entertainment, there are a lot of things to do in Goa. Amongst the plethora of water sports that the goan state offers, I enjoyed yachting the most. Parasailing is yet another option if you are looking for an adventurous ride in the sparkling waters. If not, book a ride in one of the local cruises — the Goan music playing in the background will transport you to a different world altogether.



Anjuna Flea Market (Photo by G Patkar)

The Anjuna flea market and other night markets (called Mackies) are very popular. You get to shop while enjoying a lazy night stroll on the beach. The happy-go-lucky attitude and merrymaking of the Goans relaxes you to the core and lifts your spirits. Where else in India can you find the languidness that defines Goan lunch hour?


Where to eat in Goa


There are several popular restaurants offering world cuisine and where you can eat in Goa. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks at the many beach shacks. The state offers food with distinct southern flavours, combined with its own native tastes.


Sanna (Photo by Kensplanet)

Though the non-vegetarian cuisine is what the state is famous for, I, as a vegetarian, found several dishes simply delectable. The mushroom tondak (a curry dish), khatkatem (a mix-veg dish) and sanna, were a treat for my taste buds. It was surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this tropical paradise where life is truly a celebration.


Ajanta and Ellora: the fabulous side trip!


Another destination worth mentioning is the beauty set in rock at the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves. The cave paintings, magnificent sculptures and enthralling murals are symbolic of our artistic legacy.



The Ellora sculptures depict Buddhist, Jain and Hindu deities and mythical scenes. The famous 30 m-high Kailasanatha temple with its larger-than-life carvings, huge elephants and bulls enthralls you. The experiences to these destinations have been truly memorable.


By Sonia Wigh


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Sonia Wigh loves to travel and is an avid reader. She is partial to historical romance novels and historical travel accounts.