Pakistan Airspace Shutdown: 400 Flights Affected

Nineteen days since Pakistan announced the closure of its airspace, 400 flights are being affected on a daily basis.

Air India is one of the airlines worst-hit by this closure with 33 flights a week to the US and 66 to Europe having to be diverted or cancelled.

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The non-grant of permission to use the airspace above Pakistan has made Mumbai’s skies mega crowded. Flights between west and south/southeast Asia are taking longer routes to reach their destinations, often having to add a stop on long nonstop flights.

Air India flights between Mumbai and New York, launched in December 2018, have been suspended and instead, combined with the Mumbai-Newark-Mumbai flight from 16 March to 31 May 2019.

Praveen Bhatnagar, Air India spokesperson, said that “flight timings have been increased by over three hours”.

Pakistan had shut down all of its airports and had completely closed its airspace following the airstrikes on a Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp. The airspace is partially open now allowing only inbound flights for cities in Pakistan.

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