Andamans– Every Island Has Its Different Story !!!

Andamans, an archipelago of 325 islands is a floating paradise on the western side of the Bay of Bengal. 26 of those are inhabited, each one having its different story. If you want to know about the popular ones, go ahead!!!


Havelock Island– Unspoiled Beaches

Some picturesque beaches and underwater life experience are what Havelock is famous for. There are hosts of activities which you can have a go at during a visit to the beautiful Havelock Island, like snorkeling, trekking, and scuba diving. The beaches in Havelock are given a numbering system rather than names.

snorkeling in the sea

snorkeling in the sea

Beach #1

It is the arrival port for the tourists at Havelock Island.

Beach #3 Govind Nagar Beach

It is quite a narrow beach that has few resorts set out along its length. The sea here is very calm and shallow, so one has to really take care of the crabs hidden inside the holes while walking along the shore.

Beach #5 Vijay Nagar Beach

All the prominently listed resorts and guest houses are located here on the 3-km-stretch of the coastal road. Vijaynagar Beach and Govind Nagar Beach are where you can do snorkeling and see the sea corals.

Beach #7 Radha Nagar Beach

With vast-spread turquoise ocean, white sand and a cover of dense forest in the background, Radha Nagar Beach makes the most beautiful and popular beach in Asia. Don’t miss out snorkeling in the clear waters of this beach to enjoy the stunning view of the coral reefs.

Elephant Beach

It is located at one remote corner of Havelock Island and can be reached by one of the two ways– boat and trekking. A short trek of 30-40 minute through the dense forest will take you to this beach. As the name says, you can enjoy elephant rides here. Don’t forget to carry food and drinks when going on this excursion, as there are no restaurants or street vendors around.

How to reach– A 4-hour ferry ride from Port Blair will take you to Havelock Island.

Elephant Rides at Elephant Beach

Elephant Rides at Elephant Beach


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Barren Island– where humans don’t reside

The Barren island, which lies approximately 135 km northeast from Port Blair, is a home to the only active volcano in the whole of South Asia. The only inhabitants of this island are some goats, rats, flying foxes, and other such species of animals which can survive under the harsh and difficult conditions of the island. No matter how tough the conditions, the island is blessed with crystal-clear water, rich marine life, and incredible coral growth. Thus, making diving in Barren Island a thrilling experience.

How to Reach— Staying at Barren Island is prohibited. The nearest island is Havelock from where you can reach here on a ship in 4 to 5 hours. The ship takes about 3 rounds around the volcano and then takes you back.

Baratang Island– mystic charm and virgin beauty

Visit Baratang Island to explore the tropical side of Andamans and some rare lifetime experiences. It was once considered to be the most feared destination by the tourists because of the attacks by the native Jarawa Tribes. Limestone Caves, Mud Volcano, dense tropical mangrove forests, and local tribes are the major attractions of the place. Bird watching is another interesting activity that attracts many wildlife lovers.

How to Reach-– Baratang is almost 90 km from Port Blair and takes almost 2 and a half hour to reach here. The journey is divided into two parts– road and ferry. One has to travel by road and then cross a creek on a ferry at Middle Strait to reach Baratang.

Mud Volcano at Baratang Island(picture credit- mamta tv)




Viper Island– Historical Importance

The historical Viper Island is believed to have received its name from the venomous viper snakes that inhabit this place. This Island has a very important significance in the history of Indian Independence. It was used as a solitary confinement for the prisoners, the ruins of which can be still seen here in the form of gallows.The only attraction of this island is the ruined building famous as women’s jail. Apart from that, the island is at a picturesque location which attracts a lot of tourists.

How to Reach-– Viper Island is located near to Port Blair and can be approached by harbor cruise originating from Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair.

Hilltop Gallows at Viper Island (picture credit Sanyam Bahga)

Neil Island

A very tiny and serene island that hardly needs two hours to cover on foot offers an escape from the crowd. There is not much to explore here except for coral reefs and virgin beaches, so you can simply hire a bicycle and wander around on the island. Also, you can try the glass-bottom boat ride which takes around 20-min through the colonies of bright colored corals with vividly colored fishes.

How to Reach-– There are two ways to reach Neil Island. First, by regular government ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island, and second, by cruises such as Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, and Express Bhagya. The cruise is faster and takes around 90 minutes to reach Neil Island from Port Blair and around 60 Minutes from Havelock Island.

Glass boats

Glass boats


Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

With the white sandy beaches of Neil and Havelock Islands, limestone caves of Diglipur, Elephant Rides of Elephant Beach, and snorkeling at Radha Nagar Beach, the Andamans has something or the other in store for every tourist. All you need to do is to turn up your travel spirit and escape out to explore. With our Andaman and Nicobar Island tour package, plan a trip for an experience of a lifetime.


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