Enchanting Escapades! 5 Places in India where ‘Love is in the Air’

So, you promised the moon to that special someone in your life and now it’s time to deliver? Take heart. For an unforgettable romantic getaway is, definitely, a brilliant substitute for the moon. And, there’s no end to the number of stunning destinations to choose from. Here’s a list of the top 5 all-time favourite romantic spots in India. Just the perfect setting to steal the heart away!



Affectionately known as ‘God’s Own Country’, each and every city in Kerala spells pure bliss for the smitten ones. Charming churches, palm-fringed beaches and of course, the meandering network of languid backwaters simply casts a spell. Hire a houseboat for at least a couple of hours and discover the joy of gliding from village to village through a delightful kaleidoscope of changing sceneries. You will often feel that there is no one other than you two on the entire houseboat and unseen hands are helping you as the service staff is unobtrusive yet efficient.


Darjeeling, West Bengal

Hidden away in the hills of West Bengal, Darjeeling strikes a deep chord with many. Awe-inspiring views of the Kanchenjunga, huge tracts of verdant tea plantations and lovely little souvenir shops – the place is promising, indeed. Be enchanted by plantation tours and of course, the Toy Train ride, which is reminiscent of a romantic old age charm.


Leh, Jammu & Kashmir

If both of you like to do something extraordinary, then plan a holiday in Leh. With the glory of the mighty Himalayas, captivating ancient structures, old Buddhist monasteries, and a ruggedly handsome landscape – Leh seems to be a fantasy destination come to life. Honeymooning in Leh will make you feel like two carefree little kids playing in Mother Nature’s lap. Top attractions include Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Hemis Gompa and Leh Trekking Trails.


Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

If you are keen on the Dubai desert experience with your special someone but are wary of paying a bomb, then Jaisalmer is the place for you! Gazing hand in hand at the setting sun, traversing miles and miles of sand on camelback and sleeping out under the stars are just some of the lovely experiences that Jaisalmer offers. An unforgettable sight is to watch the sun rays do a glorious dance on the ‘Golden Fort’ and the adjoining gleaming desert. Blissful!



Pondicherry is like a close cousin of France. With a history of French colonial rule, the destination still retains and fiercely guards its old heritage, especially in the Old Quarter. Some of the popular romantic escapades include strolling hand in hand down the promenade, lazing on the beaches, cycling across the city, digging into some scrumptious French cuisine at romantic restaurants and checking out the numerous old temples, churches, and historic structures. A very popular place is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.


So, without thinking twice, plan a romantic rendezvous with your loved one in the breathtaking beauty of the above-listed Indian destinations. Here is an amazing offer by ixigo that you just wouldn’t be able to refuse.