Blast from the Past: Here’s a List of All our Favourite Shows Airing in Lockdown!

TV is serving nostalgia, and we are HERE FOR IT! 

Soon after the nation-wide lockdown was announced, Doordarshan decided to air the iconic Ramayan and Mahabharat tv series. 

Soon, the other channels followed and decided to bring back old favourites to hit us with a dose of nostalgia. And if you are not sure about what to watch where, then read through our ultimate list of all our favourite TV shows that are now being re-cast:

1. Hum Paanch

The funny day to day adventures of an ordinary yet amusing middle-class family (along with a talking photograph) is back on TV after 15 years! Catch the famous five and their troubled parents on Zee TV at 12 pm.

2. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Who does not remember this famous show about a family with three generations and the hilarious ways in which they faced life’s ups and downs? Watch this feel-good family entertainer on DD National at 6 pm!

3. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Monisha beta ‘probably the most popular show on this list’ bolo, this ‘list ki toh nikal padi’ is too middle class. Watch it on Star Bharat at 8 am!

4. Byomkesh Bakshi

Mind-boggling mysteries, suspense, thrill and logic! Move over Sherlock Holmes, for Byomkesh Bakshi is here at 11 am on DD National!

5. Khichdi

A Praful! A Praful! April Fool! If this joke still makes you laugh, there is no way you should miss Praful, Hansa and Khichdi on Star Bharat at 8:30 am!

6. Shrimaan Shrimati

This rib-tickling comedy is the story of neighbors Keshav and Dilruba who try their best to flirt with and get closer to each other’s wives. Watch the hilarity ensue at 4 pm on DD National!

7. Shaktimaan

India’s first superhero was a major part of our childhood. Be a kid again at 8 pm on DD national!

8. Office-Office

Who does not remember Mussaddi Lal hilariously navigating his way through government organizations? But be on the safer side and refresh those memories anyway at 6 pm and 10:30 pm on SAB TV!

9. Jungle Book

No nostalgic trip to childhood is complete without Jungle Book! Catch it on DD National at 1 pm.

10. Chanakya

Mixing history and logic, Chanakya is the epic drama based on the life of 4th century BCE Indian economist, political theorist and strategist Chanakya. Go catch it now at 5 pm on DD National!

These shows make staying at home a little easier, agreed? Share the story with your loved ones so they can join in on the happiness!