Can’t Visit the Seven Wonders? They’re Coming To You!

Similar to Kota’s Wonder park, Delhi will soon get a park based on a similar theme. Featuring the replicas of world’s seven wonders, this park is supposed to be open for visitors from 20th January.

As per the latest news reports, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is ready to open the doors of this park for visitors. All the sculptures and wonders at the park are made entirely of industrial waste, thereby popularising the concept of waste-to-art.

Highlights of the Park —

  1. The park will have 7 replicas of the Wonders of World.
  2. Visitors can take a 200-metre jungle walk.
  3. There are dedicated ‘selfie areas’ alongside the replicas.
  4. Replicas are at least 10 metre in height and have been built of waste industrial products and car parts.

For now, the entry fee is assumed to be Rs.20 per person. The park is near Sarai Kale Khan Interstate Bus Terminus in South Delhi at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van.