Coronavirus: 5 Precautions We Must Continue To Take

India’s Lockdown 4.0 has considerable relaxations. However, one must remember that the fight against coronavirus is far from over. 

Positive cases of coronavirus in India are on the rise. So, lockdown or no lockdown, we must continue to take all precautions. 


Here are 5 precautions that will ensure safety from COVID-19 infection: 

Practice social distancing 

Whenever you are interacting with anyone like your friends, family, house help, or stepping out for essentials, make sure you keep sufficient distance from those around you. 

Wear a mask 

Every time you step outside your home, or if you have workers coming into your home, keep your nose and mouth covered with a mask. 

Limit your social gatherings or try to connect virtually 

Even if there is an ease of relaxations, try and limit meeting too many people at once. Large gatherings are not advisable at this time. Try and connect with your loved ones online as much as possible. 

Carry a sanitizer at all times 

Keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and use it when needed. At the same time, continue to wash your hands using the 20-second technique. 

Avoid physical contact

Avoid shaking hands, hugging people, or even doing a hi-five. Try and greet your family and friends without any physical contact.