Coronavirus Outbreak: Government Shares Latest Travel Advisory

Coronavirus update: After 28 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India, the government has cancelled all visas for nationals travelling from Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. This is being done to contain the further spread of the disease.

The government has also issued a fresh travel advisory.

Key points: 

  • All visas granted to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan, issued on or before 3rd March 2020 and those who have not yet entered India, stand suspended with immediate effect. 
  • Those who need to travel to India urgently will have to apply for a fresh visa. 
  • Regular visas granted to nationals of China were suspended earlier and the same remains valid. 
  • Diplomats, officials of the United Nations, OCI cardholders and aircrew will be exempted from the restrictions. However, they will undergo a medical screening at the port of entry. 
  • Passengers of all international flights entering India will be required to provide details of their travel history and fill a self-declaration form.
  • All Indian citizens are advised to avoid travelling to COVID-19 affected countries. 
  • The government has advised its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel altogether. 

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation also issued an advisory for all airlines requesting them to disinfect every aircraft before and after the completion of the journey. The cabin crew and other staff are advised to wear protective gear.