Easier Railway Ticket Transitions

Nashik rail passengers, hope you are reading this one!

You can now book or cancel your ticket at any time of the day across 11 stations in Bhusawal. What’s more interesting is that one can avail the current reservation or reservation cancellation policy even after the chart has been prepared.

As told by the Divisional Commercial Manager of Bhusawal, Shashikant Dahat, “The facility was earlier available at Nashik and Bhusawal train stations and it has now been extended to eleven other stations in the division”.

Previously, passengers had to wait to cancel their tickets until 8 AM next day for the refund, in case the Passenger Reservation System closed for the day at 8 PM. Indian Railways, thus, decided to come up with the initiative of setting up special counters at major stations in Bhusawal, so passengers cancelling train tickets could get their refund between 8 AM and 8 PM or whenever the PRS closed the business for the day.

With the new facility in place, passengers can now cancel their train tickets at any time of the day at 11 stations including Akola, Khandwa, Devlai, Burhanpur, Chalisgaon, Shegaon, Manmad, Amravati, Jalgaon, Badnera, and Malkapur.

As told by an avid traveller from Nashik, Rahul Sonawane,“Here was a demand for such facility at junctions where people generally halt for long hours and come to know that there are other trains either running empty or reaching earlier than bound for their destination. Through this facility, a passenger can opt for reservation in any other train running at that time and if it has vacant seats after charts are prepared. This way, the person benefits by reaching destination earlier”.

The facility is definitely helping passengers make reservations as well as cancel their tickets. There are many passengers who book tickets online and change their mind after they enquire about trains and find a better train to travel. So far, the initiative has proven beneficial.