#Fambam! Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

Time spent with family is worth every second”

The above mentioned quote explains how spending time with your family is a great way of building bonds and having a relaxed time. And what better way to do this than by enjoying the perfect family vacation. Other than all the fun and excitement involved in making a family trip possible, it is the right type of planning that makes it ultimate.

So, if you have already started with the groundwork for your vacation, take a note of these pointers for a hassle-free experience and take home some unforgettable memories

Look for Comfortable Accommodation

It is very important to choose the right type of accommodation especially for a family vacation in order to fulfil all the expectations of each member. It would be a nice idea to book a homestay or a resort, based on the different destinations you are planning to go.

Keep the Road Travel Fun!

Taking a vacation with your extended family is great fun but choosing the right vehicle can be a tough task. This is where Maruti Suzuki Ertiga comes into the picture. This vehicle with its Smart Play Infotainment feature makes it perfect for a road trip. Smart Play is a touchscreen infotainment system built with a 7”m WVGA TFT display.

Pack it Smart!

One of the most important tips for an extra-ordinary trip with your family is keeping your luggage light. Ask everyone to pack light and lose the idea of taking the entire house with you. Make sure you have one outfit for each day and all the essentials for kids travelling with you.

Make sure the Kids are Happy!

This is a great tip for all the parents who want to enjoy the vacation as much as everyone else. Make sure the kids are entertained and engaged to avoid any commotion or crying. Pack their favourite pastimes like books, tablet, toys and more and let them have fun during the ride.

Money Matters

Just as you plan your itinerary in advance, it’s important to take a note on money issues as well. Having a detailed plan in place is going to help you for sure. A little miss here and there is ok but make sure you stick to your budget.


You Can Always Escape for a Bit!

Vacation is a great way of reconnecting with your family and extended family but a little “me time” never hurts anyone. It is completely fine to plan breaks for yourself. Take out 2-3 hours each day for reading a book or going on walks alone or for even just napping in the sun. This time alone will ensure a happier you making you a delight among the family members.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Usually, no family vacation can be executed without a hitch. Someone getting sick, the hotel service is not as good as it was mentioned in the reviews and a lot more are just a few examples of various hurdles that everyone should be prepared for.

Happy Travels! 🙂