Flyers Leave Behind Baggage Worth Crores!

Getting through the check-in, security and navigating in a gigantic airport makes flying complicated enough. And, in the middle of all this, flyers forget and leave behind baggage worth crores while travelling or in transit. These include phones, laptops, wallets and even passports. In 2016, the CISF recovered lost items worth INR 5.57 crore at the Delhi airport. Items worth INR 1.78 crore were returned to the flyers instantly while the rest were kept at the airport. In this year, till March, items worth 73.90 lakh are already found.


Following are some jaw-dropping numbers and figures of the lost items at IGIA:

List of Recovered Items in 2016






INR 1.03 crore



INR 2.70 crore

Camera/Wrist Watch


INR 7.24 lakh

Wallet/ Currency/ Jewellery


INR 1.43 crore



INR 11,100



INR 9.44 lakh



Are you a Lost Soul Too?

If you are also one of those clumsy people who leave their personal and expensive belongings astray while travelling, then following are some hacks and tips that will help you next time when you are flying:

1. The first and foremost thing that needs to be safe is your passport. As international travellers, this is the only identity proof that will keep you secure in the unknown country. Carry a daypack to keep your passport. A daypack can be anything like a large travel pouch, a small backpack or a carry bag. Just make sure that this bag is clinged to you at all times.

2. Do not keep your phone on the flight mode before boarding the flight. Keep it on the ring mode and always in your pocket. Do not leave the phone or laptop unattended.

3. Before security check, count the number of items you put in the tray and in the security belt. Keeping a count helps in collecting the stuff easily and safely at the end of security.

4. Take time to check all your stuff before heading to the boarding gate. Do a thorough check to make sure that your wallet, jewellery, laptop, jackets, camera, etc. are in place.

5. Keep the tags on. Always take tags from the check-in counter and ensure that all your expensive items have a name tag with your contact and flight number.

If you still manage to lose your stuff, you can always contact the lost and found office of the airport. They will assist you in finding your lost objects. To claim the lost items, you need to present them with boarding pass, copy of an ID card and details of the items being claimed.