Bhagam Bhag: Train Runs For More Than 200 Km to Rescue a 3-year-old Girl

For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, an express train was made to run non-stop for more than 200 km from Lalitpur to Bhopal in order to rescue an ‘abducted’ 3-year-old girl.

The kidnapper, however, turned out to be the child’s father, said police.

Apparently, the father had a fight with the wife and left home with their daughter around 3 AM on Monday. The couple’s home is said to be close to the Lalitpur railway station.

It appears that the wife had all along known that her husband had taken away their 3-year-old girl. Yet, the mother informed the RPF (Railway Protection Force) jawans posted at the Lalitpur station in the early hours on Monday that her girl had been ‘abducted’ and the ‘kidnapper’ had boarded one of the trains to escape.

Here’s what happened:

On scanning the CCTV footage of the station, it was found that one person with the little girl was boarding Rapti Sagar Superfast Express which had just left for Bhopal. Soon after, the RPF personnel informed their inspector at the Jhansi Junction who in turn alerted the operating control room of Bhopal and requested the train be allowed to run non-stop to avoid the ‘kidnapper’ from escaping.

As soon as the train reached Bhopal, officials managed to rescue the girl and the ‘kidnapper’ was taken into custody.

During questioning, it was found that the ‘kidnapper’ was the girl’s father.

The father and the little girl were brought back to Lalitpur later that day and were reunited with the family. The couple were also counselled following the incident.