Fun Facts to Ketch-up on La Tomatina

Oo Aa, Take The World And Paint It Red
Oo Aa, Paint It Red….

Thanks to the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,’ every Indian knows about the world’s biggest food fight- The La Tomatina Festival.

But here are some crazy facts we bet you probably didn’t know about this messy festival. Read on!

#Fact 1: The food fight started as a street brawl

In 1945, a street fight broke out during a town celebration in Buñol when a boy started attacking everyone by throwing vegetables. This led to a furious bunch of people doing the same. Next year, the same group picked up a quarrel on purpose and even brought their own tomatoes. During 1950s, this food fight was banned several times. But on popular demand the tradition was back, this time more regulated.

#Fact 2: A slice of ham marks the beginning of the festival

On the day of Tomatina, a slice of ham is hung on top of a greasy pole at sharp 10 AM. Someone from the crowd has to retrieve the ham while being showered by water hoses. The moment the ham is dropped, a loud signal goes off, making way for trucks loaded with tomatoes, leading to a fun-filled chaos.

#Fact 3: Over 40 metric tonnes of tomatoes are used

Yes this is true…but the tomatoes used are mostly low-quality.

#Fact 4: The festival involves other festivals too

The festival is just not only about the tomato fights! The week witnesses massive parades, fireworks and cooking competitions.

#Fact 5: World’s biggest food fight

Yup! La Tomatina happens to be the largest state-sanctioned food fight in the world.

#Fact 6: Festival that adds a glow

After the fun fight ends, firefighters wash the streets (and also the people) with hoses. Surprisingly enough, the streets become really clean, as tomatoes are acidic in nature acting as a disinfectant.

#DidYouKnow: This festival was recreated in India. But due to heavy wastage of tomatoes, it got banned. 🙁

But nonetheless you can always plan a trip to Spain to enjoy this messy yet amazing festival! Till we meet again, happy travels!