Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, the forever in love sign. Plus, the most ardent of optimists, the most starry eyed of all dreamers. For this sign, nothing is out of reach and the weirdest theories are most valid. From UFOs to time travel, they will say yay to all. This is exactly how they travel too. To the most fascinating of places, hubs of culture and cafes, cities with the most romantic skylines and where adventure is just around the corner.


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With all that in my mind, I could think of just one place, the great love of lovers – Paris. This one is for you Sagittarians, one of my favourite sun signs. Not to mention, I’m a Sagittarian too.


Lock love in this land of Love Locks.

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Sagittarians have such a tendency to fall in love and rise broken hearted. Only to fall in love again. By the end of this rise and fall curve, it all (somehow) turns into a fairy tale. Complete with its share of heart sores, demons, fairies, and some good ass kicking. Start your love story on a perfect note in this perfect land by locking your love on the Pont de Arts Bridge, and throwing the key in the Seine. Or, popping up the proposal right by Eiffel. With such a start, your story might not take a rotten turn. God bless.  


Chase the Holy Grail.

Photo Courtesy – Musée du Louvre

I won’t deny that I haven’t been impressed by Mr Dan Brown’s word or two about Holy Grail. Neither would I deny that I badly want to go to the Louvre, see Mona Lisa and speculate (at least) a bit about the existence/non-existence of Holy Grail. Isn’t it the mystery? And isn’t solving mysteries one of the essential Sagittarius traits. Thus, let’s walk to this mecca of mystery (just a museum to others) and do some chasing. This one, for the heck of it. Would have asked you to visit the Paris Catacombs too, but I know for sure that Sagittarians believe in supernatural and would not like the fact that there are remains of some six million people around. Case closed.


Coffee, On the Rocks.

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By on the rocks, I meant in the streets, cobbled ones. If there’s one thing that Sagittarians are fiercely protective about, after their loves of course, it’s coffee. To believe me, you ought to watch an archer having coffee. It’s with great poise as they mix sugar, pour some milk, and stir it. Clockwise, then anti clockwise. Two taps of spoon on the cup brim. Then, they take the cup, up to the nose and inhale for a few leisurely seconds, eyes closed. With the first sip, they’ll open their eyes and sigh. All for the love of coffee. My pick for a coffee (it’s never just a) at Paris is at Cafe Verlet. They have got world’s 30 best pure coffees, starting from €3 a cup! Sigh. Have it here, right after the chase, for it’s right across the Louvre.


Out in the outdoors.

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This sun sign is an interesting mix. While some of these will consider jumping off a rock as the perfect outdoor activity, others might consider lazing around in the sun as perfect. So I blended the two, created a concoction out of it, and named it as Canal Cruising. Lazy, yet on the go. Starting from around €16 for a 30 minute ride, these cruises are great ways to spend an evening. You’ll know the meaning of out of world experience as the waters come gleaming with reflections from the very French lamps that flicker on the sides.


R for Retail Therapy.

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When Sagittarians go shopping, there mouths are permanently shaped as big Os, making shopkeepers happy for they know there won’t be any bargaining. This sun sign goes all gaga over fashion clothing. Here too, there are two extremes. One that’ll splurge on essentially designer, tailored clothing, while the other picks the baggiest, junkie-hippie look clothes (to be worn on all occasions). So there’s Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysées for the brand lovers, and the Saint-Ouen Flea Market for the lovers of vintage and hippie clothing.




On this retail therapy note, I take your leave. I have much to travel and pack and shop and some birthday cake too. Let me know how Sagittarius your trip was.


Till then, happy travelling.

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