Where to go for a holiday in February?

From enjoying the pleasant weather to witnessing festivity, from indulging in winter sports to spending some comfy time, there are many perks of travelling in the month of February.  As it is the month of Valentine’s Day, couples from across the globe seek perfect romantic getaways. Are you in search of a particular destination which has something for every traveller – be it adventure junky, shopaholic or nature lover? Don’t worry. You can choose among these 5 Indian destinations for that perfect holiday.


It is the perfect time for taking up Goa tour packages and enjoying the best of this city. It is also the best time to visit exotic beaches and trying your hands in water sports. Attend the most awaited festival of Goa, Goa Carnival, which is among the most famous festivals in the state. The streets come alive with colors, lively processions, floats, the strumming of guitars, graceful dances and non-stop festivity. Experience the best of the unique Goan culture in February!

Andaman Islands

Want to enter a different world altogether? Go scuba diving in the Andamans! It is the best time to dive here as the sea is at its flattest, wind is almost absent and visibility is excellent. Explore the rich flora and fauna of these pristine islands. Head towards Havelock for the beaches and watersports like scuba diving and snorkeling. You can laze around or go exploring the beautiful marine life or enjoy both!

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg has an immense allure during February and is a must-visit for the nature-lover in you. The temperature during this period ranges between 11°C and 20°C, making Coorg pleasantly breezy and chilly. This serene hill station with abundant tropical greenery, the hamlets scattered among the rugged mountain range and extensive coffee plantations makes it a treat for eyes.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

To experience the best of Jaisalmer, visit this city in the month of February. The exciting spectacle of the golden city’s grand parade known as Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a major attraction. It is a three-day long extravaganza of dances, music, handicraft fairs and interesting competitions like a ‘turban-tying’ contest and a ‘best mustache’ contest. You can experience the rich culture of the region during this three-day long extravaganza. Also, take a tour of Thar Desert in Desert safari and spend one night under the starry sky to get some lifetime memories.

Gulmarg, J&K

Popularly known as the “Meadow of Flowers”, Gulmarg is the most frequented destination in February. It is the best time to enjoy the snowfall and to indulge in snowboarding, long-run Skiing, and other such sports. If not interested in such activities, you can just enjoy sightseeing. Also, the journey to Gulmarg with snow-clad mountains, thick forests, fruit laden orchards and picturesque villages offers nothing but a spectacular experience to travelers.  

Hope this list of best places to visit in February in India helped you. So, pick up a destination of your choice, pack your bags and go exploring as this month has so much to offer to the traveller in you!

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