Things To Look For Before Booking A Hotel

Tickets–check, luggage–check, camera–check and family–check. Great! Still unsure about your accommodation? Worry not and take a note of things to look for before booking a hotel.

Here’s how to find the right hotel for an awesome stay experience.


It’s always good to stick to a budget. Almost every country has small hotel chains nowadays. Research online for such hotels instead of opting for expensive accommodation options that do no good but shake your entire budget. Read more on budget travel for further convenience.


Proper Research

We all often commit the same mistake of booking a hotel without comparing prices. Instead, refer to websites that have metasearch functionality so it’s easy for you to take the best pick out of the available options. Now you can book a hotel easily with the best deals available online.


Deals and Coupons

Browse online for coupons and deals and sign up for money saving sites to avoid spending too much on hotels. Viewing deal-of-the-day on such sites will help you locate rock-bottom resort and hotel packages.


What’s included

It’s very important to check for what all amenities are covered in your package. Pick a hotel that provides you with facilities such as a complimentary breakfast, free cab service and internet access; this will help you save a lot. Value these free perks, as these can significantly impact your budget.



Picking the right location for vacationing is one of the important things to look for before booking a hotel. While staying in the heart of your preferred city can cost you a bomb, staying at a hotel, located just a few miles away can cut down your expense to a huge extent. Being familiar with the city and the places nearby can prove to be a great help in such a case. For exploration you can check out how to take a taxi abroad. 



Almost all hotels claim to be comfortable and guest-friendly, but how many of them actually turn out to be? Go through reviews penned down by previous guests on various travel sites so you have a fair idea about the hotel you are planning to stay at.

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Those who hate both smoking and smokers must look for non-smoking rooms in a hotel. After a long day you really wouldn’t want to deal with the stink of a smoker.


Personalised experience

Always go for quirky little hotels or family-run guesthouses if you want to enjoy your stay and know more about your destination the local way. Personalisation is one thing many reputed hotels fail to provide. Those who are travelling to an alien city/country can know how to survive in a new city.


Finding a hotel that is comfortable and at the same time easy on your pocket won’t be a task now. Thanks to this handy list of things to consider before booking a hotel!

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