Weekend Getaways In Maharashtra

Thinking where to go for the upcoming weekend? Here is a list of offbeat weekend getaways in Maharashtra where you can spend a perfect short vacation. From gorgeous hill stations to picturesque beaches, we have got them all covered. Plan a trip soon to one of these offbeat weekend getaways in Maharashtra.


Amboli is a picturesque hill station which is known as the “Queen of Maharashtra”. The cool, serene and calm atmosphere of the place makes it a paradise for mountain lovers. Amboli is also one of the few hill stations from where you can see the sea. Sounds amazing, right?

Must-see spot: Nangarta Falls, Kavleshet Point.

Amboli_waterfall_(2)By Ayilliath


Chikhaldara is one of the most offbeat and serene hill destinations in india. The only coffee growing area in Maharashtra, this place is adorned with a wide array of flora and fauna. From fort hopping to camping, Chikhaldara is the perfect place to unwind!

Must-see spot: Panchbol Point, Bhimkund-Kichakdara.

chiBy Gavilgad-1


Known as “Kashi of the South”, Harihareshwar is a beautiful place, ideal to visit over a long weekend. Home to Harihareshwar Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple and many other religious abodes, Harihareshwar is where you can go on a holy trail. This place is also an idyllic beach paradise.

Must-see spot: Shrivardhan Sea Shore, Harihareshwar Temple.

harBy Abhijit Tembhekar


Karli is a small town near Lonavala and is home to the mesmerising Karla Caves. These beautiful rock cut caves are decorated with numerous sculptures which give you a glimpse into various Buddhist art forms. The enchanting journey to Karli will leave you spellbound for sure! You can also visit the Ekaveera Temple which is highly revered among the local tribes in Karli.

Must-see spot: Karla Caves, Ekaveera Temple.

kaBy Soham Banerjee


Also known as “Mini Kashmir”, Tapola is the ideal destination for nature lovers. There is so much to do and explore in this city! If you’re up for some adventure, you can go for water scooter rides or try kayaking, Tapola will not disappoint you at all.

Must-see spot: Tapola Lake, Vasota Fort.

lake-kajak-kayakBy pixel.com


A weekend on the beach! How does that sound? Well then plan a trip to Tarkarli soon. From snorkeling to scuba diving, this place has it all to make your holiday really adventurous and full of fun. The clear blue water and the coral reefs with a picturesque location will surely make your weekend a memorable one.

Must-see spot: Tarkarli Beach, Sindhudurg Fort.

Tarkarli BeachBy Sballal


Known as the “Dakshin Kashi” of Maharashtra, Wai is a popular temple town. Home to more than 100 temples, if you’re in the mood for a short break, this place is a must visit. A trip to Wai will remain incomplete if you don’t visit the 110-year-old Goshala or take a boat ride in the Tapola Lake.

Must-see spot: Nana Phadnavis wada, Kalubai Temple.


By Weshall.jadhav


So what are you waiting for? There are so many long weekends lined up for you this year, just pick a destination from these offbeat weekend getaways in Maharashtra. Happy travels!

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