5 Ways to Keep you Calm during Air Turbulence

The sudden bumps and drops caused by turbulence up in the air are usually the cause of fear of flying in people. Even for those who are not nervous flyers, turbulence is not easy to sit through. Many experts suggest that turbulence is often harmless and an inevitable part of flying. Usually, turbulence-related injuries are caused by unfastened seatbelts or falling luggage. Those who get extremely anxious should take heart, as commercial pilots have revealed some very simple ways of sidestepping on that feeling of terror on a flight.

Sleep through it

The best way to avoid the anxiousness is by sleeping through it and having no knowledge of it at all.

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Suck on a Straw

Sucking on a straw and breathing through it helps avoid hyperventilation. This happens due to restricting the flow of air to the lungs.

Keep yourself busy

If you are working on your laptop, keep focusing on that. Bring along a colouring book and sketch your way to calmness. Listening to music or watching a movie can also calm down your nerves.

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Massage your pressure points

Acupuncturists say that pressure points in the neck and shoulder can be massaged to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, so it’s worth a quick rub to relieve extra tension. It’s easy, so you can do it yourself or ask your travel companion.

Avoid alcoholic and fizzy drinks

Eat some snacks, gorge on chocolates but by all means, avoid alcohol and other fizzy drinks. It will only make it harder to control your imagination. Consumption of alcohol during a turbulence can also cause a headache and fatigue.

Most of all, be positive and embrace some happy thoughts. If that doesn’t work, keep the above pointers in mind to enjoy a fear-free flight.