March Madness! Travel Ideas to Celebrate the Two Upcoming Long Weekends

Lying on the brink of summer and spring, March is that time of the year when taking a vacation is just practically irresistible. 2018 has been very kind and is offering 2 long weekends in this beautiful month. Excited much? Let’s see where can we head for an awesome vacation:


Long Weekend 1:

March 2, Friday: Holi (Compulsory Holiday)
March 3, Saturday: Weekend
March 4, Sunday: Weekend

Best places to visit (domestic)

Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

A holy city that resounds with a thousand tales of Lord Krishna’s early years, Vrindavan is most popular among pilgrims from not just India, but from all around the world. Immersed in mythology and history, this destination offers the best Holi experience.


Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Lush green tea estates, sprawling gardens, cascading falls and peaceful environs make Coonoor one of the most sorted getaway destinations for everyone. Whether you want to spend some leisure time at the Sim’s park or trek to the Dolphin’s Nose for a panoramic view, there is a lot to do and explore.

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore International Airport


Best Places to Visit (International)

Pokhara, Nepal

Known as the mirror to the Himalayas, Pokhara will truly satisfy the traveller inside you. With spectacular sceneries, adventurous activities, great food options and best places to stay at, this place is just mystical.

Nearest Airport:  Pokhara Airport


Sri Lanka

Hanging like a teardrop from India’s Southern tip, Sri Lanka has been unfairly out of everyone’s itinerary until very recently. One of the most beautiful island nations of the world, this tropical treat is now finding a place on every traveller’s radar for its myriad of charms.

Nearest Airport: Bandaranaike International Airport


Long Weekend 2:

March 29, Thursday: Mahavir Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)
March 30, Friday: Good Friday (Compulsory Holiday)
March 31, Saturday: Weekend
April 1, Sunday: Weekend

Best places to visit (domestic)

McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh

Curled up in the Shivaliks, McLeod Ganj is a paramount center of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. The town is home to a number of monasteries, essential temples and other prominent structures.

Nearest Airport: Kangra Airport


Coorg, Karnataka

One of the best time to experience the raw natural beauty of Coorg is during March. This month sees the blooming of tea and spice plantations which fills the valleys with fragrances, refreshing your senses to the core.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport


Best Places to Visit (International)


From wide stretches of jungle-like greenery on the Outlying Island to markets of Mong Kok and buzzing shopping street of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is best seen in the open air.

Nearest Airport: Hong Kong International Airport


Athens, Greece

Dominated by the 5th-century landmarks, citadels and ancient buildings, Athens is often referred to as the world’s ancient capital. From history enthusiasts to party lovers, this historic city is a paradise for all.

Nearest Airport: Athens International Airport


Which destination are you planning to visit? Share your upcoming travel plans with us and inspire the fellow wanderers 🙂