Unusual Items You Did Not Know You Can Order From Room Service

Never having to leave the comfort of our bed is something most of us dream of. Even when on a vacay, we do have to pick ourselves up and get to the eating area for some early breakfast. However, there are a bunch of hotels across the world that allow their customers to order in ridiculous items. For instance, a floating brunch.

Floating Brunch

Floating-Brunch-NEWIf you’re a sucker for style and wouldn’t mind a luxe feast, The Ayana Resort Bali is where you should be. The place has on offer a three-course signature floating champagne breakfast that will be set off in your pool by the gourmet chef.

Suitcase Packer

shutterstock_277831331This may sound like the most ridiculous service ever but let’s be honest, after your day-long tour around the city, followed by an early morning flight, you will need this. New York City’s (USA), The Muse Hotel has a team of professionals who will pack your bags (smartly) for free.

Pet therapy

Pet-Therapy-NEWTravel takes a backseat when you have pets. But not anymore….West Inn & Suites (USA) have on offer aromatherapy, pet bowls and beds for your furry friends.

Hot Air Balloon Snacks

shutterstock_650386669As part of the renowned, The Great Forest Park Balloon Race, Four Seasons St. Louis (USA) offers its customers with snack boxes that are tied to a hot air balloon. Quite obviously, they aren’t huge balloons, just big enough for your average hotel room.

In-room shopping

shutterstock_167418737Who doesn’t love shopping? But how does a lazy traveller shop? Is there a solution around it? The Dylan Amsterdam says ‘YES’! They have this really cool in-room shopping service that lets you choose products and get them delivered in your room in just an hour’s time. Fascinating, huh?

Stargazing gear

shutterstock_628974920Usually, stargazing is something you’d do while out for a hike or for camping by the hills. However, if you aren’t feeling adventurous enough, you could just lie down on your hotel room’s patio and take a good look at the star-studded sky with the help of a telescope and a sleeping bag. Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa (USA) let’s you do that.

Personal Chef

shutterstock_149084597For us mere mortals, we have to drag ourselves to the hotel restaurant to get some food. But those who can afford luxury, The Lodge & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (USA) has a special service that lets you order a chef, who will cook your favourite meals while you soak in all the holiday vibes.

Canoe Breakfast

Canoe-Breakfast-NEWWobbling in a canoe and munching onto your cereal? Dreamy, yes? The InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa offers its guests a chance to experience the surreal blue waters of the island while polishing off a scrumptious American breakfast.

So, what’s your order? 😉