Get Drenched in Tricolour: Things To Do On Republic Day!

Be it the 15th August or 26th January, these two days fill us with a feeling of nationalism and love for our country.  With patriotism in the air and in the free spirit of India, here are a few interesting ways to celebrate the Republic Day in India:

Soar your kite high at Chandni Chowk

Kites of vibrant colors speck the sky of Old Delhi on the Republic Day. People have kept alive the years-old tradition to mark the importance of the day. If it’s fireworks in America, it is kite flying in India, which is the popular way to celebrate the birth of a nation.

Grand Salute at India Gate

Drive to India Gate, the architectural marvel that stands erect to pay homage to 70,000 war soldiers whose names are engraved on the monument. The Amar Jawan Jyoti or the ‘flame of immortal soldiers’ is the constant reminder of the struggle for freedom.


Crazy Dance at Wagah Border, Attari

Do the patriotic jig at Wagah Border on the tunes of a patriotic song. The enthusiasm and the energy of this place will make even a person with two left feet spin. Shout out the patriotic slogans on top of your voices to show the love for your motherland.


‘I for India’ ride at Adlabs Imagica

Experience the surreal journey across India with the exciting simulation ride at Adlabs Imagica that celebrates the heritage and cultural diversity of India. The 15-minute ride suspended in air will take you on a virtual tour across India, making you feel proud.

21 Guns Salute at Red Fort

Witness the parade at Red Fort where the flag hoisting takes place on the occasion of Republic Day. It is followed by the 21 guns salute that will give you goosebumps and horde of sentiments for the people who laid down their lives to give us a free nation.


 Happy Republic Day, Folks!