Get Married in Style! World’s Best Wedding Destinations

When it comes to saying ‘I do’, everyone dreams of accompanying that moment with an alluring backdrop. Of course, the wedding dress, cake, and flowers are important. But what packs the biggest style punch and even the guests look forward to is the venue of the wedding. If you have always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, here is the list of most exclusive wedding destinations around the world to make your D-day the best memory of your life.


Hawaii for an Island Wedding

You cannot get wrong if you choose Hawaii as your wedding destination. The beautiful island provides astounding beachfront views for you to say ‘I do’. Your guests can enjoy snorkelling and hiking in their own time. Forget the Bollywood dance numbers and bust some Hawaiian Hula dance moves at your wedding.


Jamaica for a Caribbean Wedding

The hotspot for the Caribbean weddings, Jamaica has always been on the top of the list of dream wedding destinations. Exchange the vows at sunset on a staircase overlooking the water. Your guests will sing praises for your wedding being held in the fun-loving atmosphere of the beautiful Jamaica.

Beach wedding at Jamaica

Greece for a Sun-kissed Wedding

Santorini in Greece is the most sought-after place in the world to get married. Surrounded by clear waters and perched over an active volcano,  it makes Greece a couple’s dream destination for the wedding. Kiss your bride beneath Santorini’s famous sunset and let her know how much you love her.

Santorini, greece

Kovalam for a Monsoon Wedding

The beaches of Kovalam offer the most picturesque location when it comes to walking down the aisle, especially when you are getting married in the monsoons. Imagine having your wedding shoot in the drizzle. Isn’t it like the most romantic thing ever? There are a variety of marvellous wedding destinations in India in case you decide to tie the knot here.


Rome for a Renaissance Wedding

Rome is a place with amazing backdrops for your wedding and a great photoshoot. The charming villas and garden are filled with Renaissance statues which are  perfect for your venue. The guests can clink their chalices filled with vintage wines as you and your significant other exchange the rings.

rome renaissance gardens

Las Vegas for a Crazy, Quickie Wedding

If you have always imagined your wedding as a crazy affair, try goin’ to the chapel in Las Vegas. The Sin City has a number of eccentric wedding chapels to make your night memorable. Drive through chapel, Star Trek theme chapel, etc. are to name a few. Or you could try the sophisticated ones. Plus, it would be a great start to your honeymoon with so many places to visit in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Ireland for a ‘fairy-tale’ Wedding

Is marrying in the Irish castle your style of having a dream wedding? Then Ireland should be the venue for your wedding. The combination of symbolic tradition and culture, Irish castles are where you will be welcomed at the gates by bagpipes and 40 hounds. Your guests will feel swooned with the Irish hospitality.


Venice for a Floating Utopian Wedding

An architectural marvel, Venice is the spot for those who believe in the construct of a new life one step at a time, afloat in the happiness that they share together that holds time still. Venice is a paradise for those who dream and continue to do so and want their holy matrimony the yet another sombre lullaby to dream on with.


New Zealand for an Offbeat Wedding

Though an offbeat destination for your wedding, the remote landscapes and golden beaches in New Zealand make the perfect location for your wedding. Lake Tekapo is the place to have an out-of-this-world wedding. Or toast your future at one of the picturesque vineyards at Hawke’s Bay or Waiheke Islands.

Lake tekapo New Zealand

Mark the start of your lives at one of these dreamy wedding destinations around the world. After all, you only get to make these memories once.  Why not make it grand and sensational so it gets etched well in the memory of your guests and they sing the praises for ages.