Girls Take A Solo Trip, Awaken the Wanderer In you

How to survive alone? How to avoid troubles? What to eat and drink? These are some of the common questions that comes to every woman’s mind when she plans to travel alone.

Travelling is an amazing experience and travelling solo adds beauty to it. A walk in the streets alone gives you an opportunity to think, a solo meal will make you appreciate food more and taking all the decisions alone makes you more independent and responsible. But along with all these perks, travelling alone can be a risky affair as well. By keeping in mind certain tips while travelling alone, you can make your trip smoother, safer and memorable.


Ladies, do keep in mind these pointers before embarking on a new trip –

Share The Itinerary

When travelling alone, it is very important that you make a complete itinerary of your trip and share it with your family. Also, do not forget to share the details of the hotel you will be staying in so that they can contact you at any point of time. It is a good idea to keep the hard copy of the itinerary and emergency contact numbers, incase your mobile runs out of battery.


Avoid Spicy Food

If not habitual of eating spicy and oily food, be careful while trying street food. As India is famous for its mouth-watering samosas and other street foods, it is very tough to resist them. The only way to satisfy your taste buds and keep yourself safe is to make sure that the food you eat is hygienic. Eating vegetarian food in India can be a good option as the consumption of non-vegetarian food is less and there are chances of food poisoning. Also, drink bottled mineral water to avoid getting sick. Do not forget to keep a hand sanitiser at all times.


Be Smart

Be self-reliant and do not forget to carry a guidebook, a phrase book, a map/compass and some cash with you. Be confident and do not let anyone know that you are visiting the place for the first time. In case you need help, do not approach any random person, be savvy with whom you are asking for directions; seek help from another woman or preferably a family. While using ATMs, make sure it is a busy street and it’s not dark.


Careful While Commuting

Make sure that you have confirmed bookings and you do not have to take any last minute decisions. If possible, visit the bus stand or railway station you are going to leave from in advance. Make sure it is safe and if your bus departs at late hours, there is a waiting room. For women travelling alone, the safest way is to book cabs or taxis through reliable service providers. Not just within the city, intercity cab services are also provided online. Also, use google maps while travelling so that you can keep a track of the route.


Limited Intake

Want to test the limitations of your alcohol consumption, solo trip is surely not the right time. Overindulging can land you in dangerous situations and you might become the centre of attraction. Not just in India, if travelling alone, it’s always good to be careful and in your complete senses.


Dress Up Accordingly

Being a foreigner, you will always get strange looks everywhere you go. Wearing clothes that cover your body appropriately might help a little. If you are staying in a 5 star property and have a personal car to take you places then it really does not matter, but if your itinerary includes public transportation, then it is better to cover yourself. Why not try the traditional/local clothes and add a fun factor to your trip.    


I know travelling alone is a little challenging, but ladies take the plunge and get rewarded with rich experiences and great stories.