7 Steps To Take An Anxiety Free Flight

Flying for the first time and don’t know how to deal with flying nerves? Breath in, breath out and read on 7 steps to take an anxiety-free flight. Trust us, it’s not rocket science. Take it easy and you’ll be able to pull it off!


1. Say No to alcohol and coffee

If you think drinking coffee or alcohol can help you manage your anxiety, you must give it another thought. Taking tea or coffee is only a temporary solution to anxiety. We advise you to speak to your doctor and get an appropriate prescription for use before or during your flight. 


2. The flow of “love hormone” is very important

We bet not many of you would know this! The secretion of oxytocin, the so called love hormone plays a key role in helping you fight anxiety. This is so because your body has trouble secreting stress hormone at the time when oxytocin flows in your bloodstream. Whenever flying, make sure you cuddle your partner or listen to romantic songs or watch a rom-com.


3. Keep calm and everything will be OK

Count till 10 and tell yourself that everything will be OK. If that still doesn’t work for you, think about things that put a smile on your face; it could be a message from your loved one, memories of a trip you made with your family or your baby’s first steps. We already see a smile on your face, and there you go! We told you it’s not that difficult.



4. Talk to your co-passenger

It’s always good to start a conversation with your co-passenger. Try to strike a conversation with him/her and talk about  interests, likes/dislikes and other topics of interest. You never know you might just find a great friend in him/her. A healthy conversation will definitely help you overcome your anxiety.


5. Acceptance is the key

There’s no harm in embracing your anxiety. In fact, it’s better if you do it. Let the sensation of butterflies in your stomach come and go. Relax and simply observe it. Just like your luggage is a part of your travel, think of it as a part as well.


6. Try relaxing exercises

All you have to do is loosen the muscles in your body to be able to reduce anxiety automatically. Try this breathing exercise–first fill your lower lungs with air, then repeat the same process with your upper lungs. Now exhale slowly while relaxing the muscles in your shoulders, stomach and face. Also, you can try the 10-second grip; grip the armrests while contracting both your lower and upper arms. Hold for 10 seconds, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. This has worked for many, let us know if it does for you too!


7. Take a picture of your destination

You may not find this as relevant but looking at the picture of your destination is another way of dealing with how to take an anxiety-free flight. While staring at the picture, you can plan many things in advance, for e.g., how to explore the place, what all things to do there, etc. This would help you deviate your mind and overcome flight anxiety.


We hope these 7 steps to take an anxiety free-flight will help you feel better while travelling.. Be safe, travel freely. Bon voyage!