Laws that might dampen your trip. Don’t travel Patti Bandh Ke

In another extension of ixigo’s Don’t Travel Patti Bandh Ke ideology, we thought of bringing to you some of the world’s weirdest laws. Laws that you need to adhere to if travel is high on your mind.

Here’s a list of the most weird/interesting ones that I could figure out.   


Heels Aren’t Cool At Greece.

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Leave your beloved heels at home if you’re visiting Greece. This nation took due notes when a research declared that walking in heels exert more pressure on the ground than an elephant’s foot. Thus, with solemn intentions to protect the monuments, Greece banned wearing of heels inside its monuments. So, wear flats when you visit Acropolis or walk the old fashioned way. Read bare foot.


No Feeding Pigeons In Venice.

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If you’ve been dreaming of getting that perfect photograph at Venice’s St Mark’s Square with some thousands of pigeons for company, it’s time to let go of that dream. There won’t be many of those pigeons around now. Reason – Venice government has banned tourists from feeding the pigeons. That photograph might just stay in your dreams. Still, you can breathe (literally) easy now, as that pungent, nasty smell and dirty squares, courtesy all the bird poop will be a thing of past too.


You Must Stop The Music In Himachal Pradesh.

Photo Courtesy – Zuzu

Nearer home, you do need to remember another law. If long drives and music are inseparable for you, forget going to Himachal Pradesh. Especially if you were burning CDs and storing music to hand over to your cab driver. The HP state government has banned music systems in commercial vehicles and taxis for safety reasons. Thorough frisking is done at the various check points to deter the practice.


Not Every Penny Counts In Canada.

Photo Courtesy – TMAB2003

Unlike India, where coins and lower denominations of currency are more than just acceptable, Canada is totally against it. Yes, for the Canada Currency Law of 1985 says that you cannot use more than 25 pennies in one transaction. Though the law forbids doing so, a happy shopkeeper might not bar you from using all those coins.


Look Around Before You Start Eating In Florence.

Photo Courtesy – Alberto Varela

Think twice before you start munching potato fries or dig into the frozen yoghurt, sitting at the church steps at Florence. Yes, eating/drinking near or inside the monuments and other places of importance is strictly prohibited in Florence. You can’t eat anywhere near the public buildings as well!


Bible Might Get You Fined In Maldives.

Photo Courtesy – Nicola since 1972

However chilled out and hippie type Maldives might look, it has some stringent laws in place. One of the most interesting ones is against Christian literature. You also can’t observe any religion other than Islam in public here. So you might as well leave your copy of Bible at home before you hit the beaches here.


Smoke Away The Thought Of Marijuana In Jamaica.

Photo Courtesy – cagrimmett

Jamaica is a happening place, one of the great loves of travellers. But if you thought that it’s one of those easy places where you can smoke up, you’re wrong. Totally wrong, as even a small quantity of marijuana on you can land you in jail. For some good period of time.


When In France, Check Your Breath.

Photo Courtesy – Haddy1

You know that the countryside at France is beautiful. Perfect to explore and drive for miles at a stretch. What you did not know is that you must always carry a breathalyzer with you. Not carrying one while you’re behind the wheels is an offence!


Hot Pink Shorts Don’t Make For Fashion At Victoria.

Photo Courtesy – whatstrend

It doesn’t matter how ardently you love that pair of bright pink shorts. For this isn’t going to change the law at Victoria, Australia, which bars people from wearing pink shorts on Sundays. Just to be more specific, after middays on a Sunday. Reason for this weird law is unknown.  


Keep Your Car’s Number Plate At Moscow Legible.

Photo Courtesy – sidibousaid60

However much you wish to relax on your vacation at Moscow, you need to keep something in mind if you’re driving. Yes, a dirty car is deemed an offence in Moscow, so if you’re hiring one you got to clean it too. As to what makes a car dirty, here’s a thumb rule. If the number on the number plate is smeared in dust or anything and is not legible, your car is dirty.


Write to us or put in a comment if you know of any other weird law that might make for a don’t travel patti bandh ke moment, and we’ll have it here.



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