Travel Gifts for your Valentine!

It’s that time of the year again, when love’s in the year, and you just can’t seem to pamper the special one enough. If your Valentine is a true traveller, the one who never finds peace at home, and spends their time either travelling or planning their next trip, here’s a list of Travel Gifts to make this February 14th a bit more special:


For Him


The 4 in1 Adapter



Photo Credit: Noma-Cdn


We all know how boys love their toys (read: iPad, DSLR, Laptop, Smartphone etc),  and here’s a small addition that makes sure the fun doesn’t never stops for your lover boy. Find yours here.


Bluetooth Speakers


Photo Credit: Justin


Is your man often found humming tunes, strumming a guitar or on the hunt for the better sound systems? If yes, he will appreciate this gift for all the times he can’t carry his music along! Like the thought? Get one for him here.




Photo Credit: Rama


This Valentines, go beyond the ordinary, and give wings to his creativity. If he’s recently been complaining about how his phone’s camera is annoying, nothing will make him happier!


Camping Kit


Photo Credit: DOWS


If you’re in love with the outdoorsy, macho man who just cannot have enough time in the lap of mother nature, this is one thing he’s going to love. Make it extra special, give him two, and join him on the next hike! Find it here.


GoPro Camera


Photo Credit: Business Insider


Next time when he heads out to scale the mountains, dash through the seas and fly in the skies, he’ll thank you, and mean it. This is the ultimate Valentines Gift for the adventurer in him! For gifting this, look here.



For Her


An Island


Photo Credit: Rent Private Islands


Give her the place of her dreams, a world for just the two of you. If you’re thinking how  expensive this is, just remember, her smile is priceless. Figure out the “hows” here.


Travel Cushions


Photo Credit: Be Global


Her pretty head will never be cramped now! These travel cushions come in cute Panda and Kitty shapes as well, if your lady love would like them better!


Wine Tours


Photo Credit: The Wine Club


Splendid landscapes, heavenly wines and your loving company – nothing would make for a better Valentine gift for your girl than a Wine Tour. What’s more, now you can get a desi Wine Tour here.


Flowers from Hawaii


Photo Credit: Oahure


If your lovable beauty loves the colours and fragrance of a flower, and often dreams about the beautiful Hawaii or other far off lands, this Valentines Day, gift her a glimpse into what she’s been wanting! Work out logistics here.


With this list of Travel Gifts for your Valentine, you’re all set to make this Valentines Day a day to remember!