Good News! More lower berths to be reserved for women and senior citizens

In a bid to make the journey more comfortable for passengers, Indian Railways has increased the reservation quota of lower berths for senior citizens, female passengers (45 years and above) and pregnant women. The rule will be applicable in mail/express trains and in Duronto and Rajdhani trains.
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Ministry of Railways revised the quota to 13 seats for normal mail or express trains having single coach of the designated class. While in trains with more than 1 coach, the number of reserved lower berths will be 15.

“While in Rajdhani, Duronto and other AC trains, the number of seats earmarked for this category will be 9,” it added.

At present 12 lower berths are earmarked in sleeper, AC-3 tier and AC-2 tier classes for the designated class. In Rajdhani, Duronto and other fully air-conditioned express trains, the quota of reserved seats is 7.