Tejas Express to Charge Passengers for Excess Baggage

If you are planning to travel in the Mumbai to Ahmedabad Tejas Express, soon you will have to pay more for excess baggage.

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IRCTC has taken this decision to allow passengers to carry extra baggage for a fee, therefore making it India’s first train with such flight-like baggage rules.

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Passengers carrying more than 70 kg of luggage in the Executive Chair Car and more than 40 kg in the Chair Car will be charged with the additional baggage fee.

India’s first private train, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express has an automated door-closing system. Since excess luggage can cause a delay in the closing of doors, the new rule will help maintain the smooth functioning of this system and ensure that the train journey is not hampered.

Attendees in the train have been tasked with the job of weighing the luggage. While the exact amount is not decided yet, it is expected to be above Rs.100.