Here are the Latest Quarantine Guidelines for 10 Indian States; Know All the Details

The Indian Railways has started operating 80 new passenger trains all over the country from today. These new trains are meant to connect major destinations and popular routes. But with the frequent changes in travel guidelines, knowing the latest state-wise quarantine rules is a must before planning a train journey.

हिंदी में पढ़ें

If you are travelling anytime soon, then check the latest quarantine rules of these 10 states:

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Himachal Pradesh

  • 10 days of institutional quarantine for symptomatic passengers arriving from red zones outside of the state.
  • 10 days of home quarantine for passengers arriving from non-red zones and carrying a COVID-19 negative test report.
  • Tourists with a valid booking for at least two nights should carry a COVID-negative test report (not older than 96 hours).
  • Children below the age of 10 do not need a COVID test report if they are with adults that are carrying a COVID-negative report.

Madhya Pradesh

Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore:

  • Symptomatic passengers will be tested on arrival. Those who test positive will undergo institutional quarantine while those who test negative will be released with no quarantine.
  • No quarantine for business or corporate travellers.


No quarantine or COVID-test required for domestic travellers.


  • No quarantine for asymptomatic passengers.
  • Symptomatic domestic passengers will have to self-isolate and seek medical consultation without fail or call Apthamitra helpline 14410.


Odisha has lifted restrictions on interstate movement of all persons.


  • No mandatory quarantine for domestic travellers
  • Symptomatic passengers will be taken to the nearest facility for health assessment.
  • Those having moderate to severe symptoms will be admitted to a COVID health facility until the symptoms persist or until they test negative for COVID-19.
  • Those with mild symptoms will be given an option of home quarantine or institutional quarantine.


  • No quarantine for asymptomatic passengers.
  • Symptomatic passengers will be taken to a health facility for treatment.

Uttar Pradesh

  • 14-day home quarantine for all passengers.
  • Passengers exiting the state within 7 days of arrival will be exempted from quarantine on showing an onward/return ticket.


  • No quarantine for asymptomatic passengers.
  • Symptomatic passengers will need to self-isolate and be taken to a health facility.
  • Business travellers with a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report conducted 96 hours before travel will be exempted from quarantine. However, they must carry a return/onward ticket within the next 4 days of their arrival in the state.


All travellers have to undergo quarantine for 11 days irrespective of types of quarantine (Home/Institutional Facility).

Many of these states also require travellers to get e-passes issued or register before travelling. You can check all the details right here.

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!