Here’s How The World Celebrates Good Friday & Easter

For Christians around the world, Good Friday and Easter are cherished religious holidays. In their faith, Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, only to rise again on Easter.

While some observe this day by attending church services and fasting, others carry out reenactments of the events which led to Christ’s crucifixion.

Come, let’s see how the world celebrates this day:


It’s massive! Thousands visit London’s Trafalgar Square to witness a live rendition of ‘The Passion of Christ’. It includes more than 100 actors, live horses and donkeys, along with full Roman soldier ensembles.

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In Bermuda, people mark this day by flying kites. This tradition represents Jesus on his way to heaven. Bermudians make different types of kites with colourful tissue papers, stripped bamboo sticks, wood, metals and strings.


One of the Easter traditions here dictates that the church bells shouldn’t ring as a mark of respect for Jesus’ death.

While in Bessières, a town in France, thousands of people gather to make a huge omelette that consists of 15,000 eggs and 40 cooks. WOW!

Verges, Spain

Known as the Holy Week or Semana Santa, Easter is observed for an entire week in Verges, Spain. During this time, people parade through the streets in different costumes carrying religious floats. These floats depict various scenes from the Bible.


Poland takes its Easter celebrations very seriously. People take blessings of the Easter basket, children decorate Easter eggs with paints, crayons, stickers, etc. and a giant Easter Bunny goes from house to house as a part of the event. Here, people also enjoy ‘Wet Monday’, wherein they splash water on each other.

So, how are you celebrating this week? Do let us know! Have a blessed Good Friday and a joyful Easter! 🙂