Hey Photogenius! Top 7 Camera-Ready Cities in the World!

The city is not only famous for making some of the finest Swiss chocolates but is also one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.


Dubai, UAE

Sky high buildings, luxurious hotels, huge shopping malls, mesmerising underwater world and desert adventures–the city of Dubai has it all!


New York, USA

While the yellow taxis are synonymous with New York, amidst all its chaos and fast-paced lifestyle, the city still manages to make every shot like travel postcard.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not just about high rise buildings, the city comes alive during spring and fall and it is the best time to visit the city and capture its beautiful colours.


Barcelona, Spain

The city of Barcelona has something for everyone. From beautiful historical monuments to the best nightclubs, the city can be captured in various moods.


Paris, France

Whether you click Eiffel Tower, Louvre or any street in Paris, the result would always be picture perfect!


Berlin, Germany

Museums, churches and over 1700 bridges, there is so much to see and capture in Berlin.


So, did any one of these cities entice you to travel? Well, let us know if there are more cities you wish to add to this list!