Hey Stargazer! Get ready for the LONGEST ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse of the Century!

And the countdown has begun! Today the world will witness a rare celestial event — the LONGEST lunar eclipse of the century which will last for one hour and 43 minutes.

So grab your telescope and get ready to spot that super beautiful ‘Blood Moon’ in just a few hours!


What is a Blood Moon?

The lunar eclipse 2018 will also be a Blood Moon! This happens when sunlight refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere hits the darkened moon.

The red wavelengths are scattered less as compared to the blue and violet wavelengths. This is why the moon appears red from our perspective.


Where can the Lunar event be witnessed in India?

Ajay Talwar, at the Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi, said, “India is at the centre stage of the lunar eclipse. It is visible all over India in its entirety.”

It will be seen in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, among other major cities.


What is the peak time to see the ‘Blood Moon’?

The eclipse is estimated to start in India at 11:44 pm IST tonight (27th July) and the total lunar eclipse is expected to begin at 01:00 am IST.

From around 1:15 am to 2:43 am, the moon will be in the middle of the Earth’s shadow, appearing reddish in colour. This eclipse will continue till 4:58 am.

Are you ready to enjoy the show?