“Human Traffic Jam” On Mount Everest Sparks Trouble

If you visualize the summit of Mount Everest, you might imagine a quiet, sparkling snowy peak far from civilisation. Although the latest update shows how reality can be a lot more jam-packed.

The severe overcrowding on the world’s highest mountain this year has raised concerns and risks posed by it.

What causes the ‘traffic jams’?

As per experts, the crowds at Everest have increased in recent years because expeditions have become more popular or sought-after.

Experts also believe that these jams are mostly caused by climbers who are either unprepared or who do not have the physical condition for the journey.

These traffic jams lead to people spending more time at elevations. This state is taxing on the human body that leads to a rise in the death toll.

The below photo reveals the last ridge of Mount Everest’s summit:

Picture credit: bbc.com

This alarming photograph from Everest exhibits a long line of mountaineers queuing up to scale a steep ridge to the summit.

For the spring climbing season at the world’s highest peak, Nepal has issued 381 permits at $11,000 (£8,600) each. Last year, 807 people reached the mountain’s summit. This was recorded as the highest number of people who have reached the top in a single year.